GOUTAM GHOSH: "Purple Park"

27 Aug - 2 Oct 2021 STANDARD (OSLO)
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27.08.2021-02.10.2021 / PREVIEW: FRIDAY 27.08.2021 / 18.00-21.00




"After a mild earthquake a leakage was found at the base of the mountain. Spectacular purple smokes and gases are coming out through a tiny crack in the foot of the sinking hill. Suddenly a hot barren land shadowed over the purple smoke - people from all over came to visit the smoke and thus a purple park has formed at the base of the leakage mountain.


A study of 'gas' has been conducted immediately - a dancing giant known as Dhabo, has been found in the presence of mithenium and phosphorus. Expansion of Dhabo is probabilistic and rhythmic, which fades into multitudes, on its freewheels and numerous dancing evils. A gas erupted through the cracks in the mountain, spreading evenly across all the plains, another uninterrupted 200 kilometres has become sites for many walking.


Under the purple fume one might begin to hallucinate and illuminate the plain. Don't worry, it's the efects of methodical (cultural) calculation, tricky measurements of diferent narrations and geometrical puzzles that help to manipulate the space over patterns. Automatised movements on the surface (of the earth) left the fatland into squeezes, abruptness and stretches are often recognised locally as forbidding, forgetting, vandalised and calm."


- Goutam Ghosh, August 2021


Background research courtesy:
- Desert-lab live in Kutch - Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Charmy Sadhana Jayesh, and Goutam Ghosh - Institution for research within contemporary (FORART OSLO)
- Indian Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore




This is Goutam Ghosh's third solo exhibition at STANDARD (OSLO). Other recent solo exhibitions include Kunsthaus Hamburg, Hamburg; Tanya Leighton, Berlin; and Project 88, Mumbai. His works have been included in group exhibitions at Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany; David Zwirner Gallery, London; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo; The Drawing Room, London; Renaissance Society, Chicago. Ghosh's works can currently be viewed in "House of Commons", Momentum in Moss and will be included in the upcoming "Soft Water Hard Stone", the ffth New Museum Triennial at the New Museum in New York. Goutam Ghosh lives and works in Nabadwip, Santiniketan, and Bhuj, India.




Installation photography: Vegard Kleven