GOUTAM GHOSH: "Morph, Blend And Flatten (Space) Of Bird, Reptiles And Flower"

6 Apr - 5 May 2018 STANDARD (OSLO)
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06.04.-05.05.2018 / Preview: 06.04.2018 / 19.00-21.00




Morph, blend and flatten

(space) of Bird, Reptiles and Flower


2 dimensional space is activated with the phenomena of shadow


synchronize the height with the depth.

compress those reals, they are hyper.

does desire become real?

visibility is real only!

how about sights, those appear in the microscopic dream/ vision.


on shadow


when personality reflects on the ground.

when personality falls part/ apart on the floor.

when shadow gets bigger than the person.

when height finds itself on the plain.


height is forbidden in the darkness of shadow.

shadows that aspire within the surface.

when a person finds themselves back in the shadow.


does reflection become shadow later?

does each reflection become a shadow?

how about reflections, those could not become shadow.


± things, those that disappear in the process of becoming, become flower.


what happens when space gets deduced?

dimension gets reduced down into flat space.

things get obscured/ forbidden over multiple interactions.


reduced space also reduces dimension!

what is dimension?


dimension is not about the total sum of space of a plain.

dimension is about motivation.


Reptiles and Birds have a trademark.

count down has begun.

number of space has been allotted-

in the body of Reptiles and Birds.

flattened space- does it flatten mind and emotion too?


± where shadow appears and try to remember everything.


courtesy: who brings the shadow to me.




Goutam Ghosh (b. 1979, Nabadwip, India) lives and works in Santiniketan, India. This is his second solo exhibition with the gallery. Selected recent exhibitions include: "Markers", David Zwirner Gallery, London (2017); "Modernités Indiennes", Centre Pompidou, Paris (2017); Project 88, Mumbai (2017); "Between the Ticks of the Watch", The Renaissance Society, Chicago (2016); "Thinking Tantra", Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai, India (2016); "...ASCRIBING TO THEM BIRTH, ANIMATION, SENSE AND ACCIDENT...", STANDARD (OSLO), Oslo, Norway (2015); "Dal Dizionario", Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, Naples, Italy (2015). The publication "Ascribing to them birth, animation, sense and accident" (2015) is available from STANDARD (BOOKS).




Installation photography: Vegard Kleven