Anna Zacharoff was born in 1987, in Stockholm, Sweden. She currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium, but also Stockholm as well. 


"The shorter shrimp was sometimes resting in the darkness of a perfect hole he had found among the sharp oysters nooks and crannies. From where he looked out, there was a group of oysters spitting water. On top of them a hair of seagrass caught the light, so that the oysters could keep on spitting in peace. It was an uncomplicated situation, without too many visitors. Occasionally a sea-star crawled by and before that some running clams might have been seen. The shrimp liked his ascetic terrace because cloud song could still find it. Bigger shrimps didn't like it and really small shrimps were too polite to ask if they could come in."


-Excerpt from Anna Zacharoff's text "Time after Tide"